Python Tutorial for Traders

Jev Kuznetsov at has announced that he will be starting an online course to teach the programming language Python to traders starting in April.  Python is one of the more popular programming languages used by quants for trading (e.g. Quantopian allows traders to code and backtest systems in Python online).

Collective2: A Review

As a regular user of Collective2, I thought it would be fitting to begin my series of reviews here.  It’s difficult to start a review series in a void, so I will be comparing aspects of Collective2 (or C2, as it is often abbreviated) to some of the other sites listed in The Autotrading Universe; but don’t worry–I intend to review, eventually, as many of those sites as possible to provide further context.  N.B. this review will be updated as Collective2 continues to evolve.

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