INTJ Algorithmic Trading Models

Below are my automated algorithmic trading models (no discretionary trading involved).

I currently trade all of my models in my own account.  Please see my MyFxBook profile for accurate statistics.   I also currently trade my signals automatically through Tradency/Mirrortrader. (I privately send signals for portfolio analysis purposes to ZuluTrade and, which have verified that I trade with a real money account).

I am currently in the process of re-engineering and consolidating these models into one composite stock trading model and one composite forex trading model.  Given the high volatility recently displayed, combining the various strategies along with implementing new filters should result in smoother equity curves.  I continue to test various fixed, trailing, and volatility-based stop strategies to minimize volatility, but so far, these materially reduce returns while not commensurately reducing drawdown.

Follow my forex model at any of the following sites (see widgets in sidebar on the right):

Tradency / Mirror Trader (search for “INTJ Multi-Strategy” within the listed systems)

I collect detailed statistics for my portfolio from these sites:

INTJ Windjammer (experimental)

Current trade direction:

Long if > 0, cash if = 0, short if < 0

INTJ Tactical Asset Allocation Model (experimental)

Reallocated on the first of every month
INTJ Tactical Asset Allocation Model

Trade History


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