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Quantopian and QuantConnect

As an observer of both the Quantopian and QuantConnect backtesting and algorithmic trading platforms, it’s interesting to see how they’re gradually coming to resemble each other. Quantopian, of course, is backed by GETCO and Spark Capital and is implementing new features rapidly, so it would appear to have the upper hand in financing.  It also has a partnership with Upgrade Capital to discover emerging talent.  Meanwhile, QuantConnect seems to be just now raising funds, but is Continue reading Quantopian and QuantConnect

Systematic Investing

Over at Abnormal Returns is an interview that Tadas Viskanta had with Dr. Wesley Gray of Turnkey Analyst about his book, Quantitative Value.  It makes a great case for systematic investing (i.e. investing based on rules, not intuition) and why removing emotion from the investing process is really the best way to success in the investment world.  However, he goes a step farther by differentiating between investing based on logic and based on empirical data.  The argument focuses on value investing, but I think the case presented is applicable to all styles of investment.

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Collective2: A Review

As a regular user of Collective2, I thought it would be fitting to begin my series of reviews here.  It’s difficult to start a review series in a void, so I will be comparing aspects of Collective2 (or C2, as it is often abbreviated) to some of the other sites listed in The Autotrading Universe; but don’t worry–I intend to review, eventually, as many of those sites as possible to provide further context.  N.B. this review will be updated as Collective2 continues to evolve.

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