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Quantopian Introduces Algorithm Builder

Finally, now this is what I call “democratizing quantitative trading.”  Quantopian has introduced a code-free solution for those who don’t know how to program.  Still fairly simple, but a good start.

Today, we have a better answer than ever: Algorithm Builder.  Algorithm Builder is a ‘quick start’ tool for building, testing and trading an automated portfolio rebalancing algorithm, without writing a single line of code!

The Algorithm Builder is a simple tool that can test any stock portfolio you build, or select a pre-built portfolio we’ve provided. You construct or modify a portfolio by selecting securities from Quantopian’s database of over 8,000 stocks and ETFs and setting their allocation weights.

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QuantConnect Adds Forex and Equity Tick Data

I’m a bit late to this news, but QuantConnect, the cloud-based algorithmic trading platform, has announced that it has added tick data for the major forex pairs going back to 2007, and tick data for US equities going back to 1998, courtesy of FXCM and QuantQuote.  With a powerful IDE for programming strategies using C#, access to data from Estimize and StockPulse, and the attention of investors looking for emerging hedge fund managers to seed, QuantConnect is a worthy rival to Quantopian.  May the competition continue, to the benefit of the trading public.

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Equametrics Launches Rizm 1.0 For Algorithmic Trading Without Programming

Equametrics today announced that it was launching Rizm 1.0, a platform for developing algorithmic trading strategies, backtesting them, and trading them live through either Interactive Brokers or FXCM without the need for programming.  The algorithms are instead developed using a visual building-block interface.  Rizm enters an increasingly crowded arena, with other visual algorithmic trading platforms like ProdigioRTS, Visual JForex, and FxPro Quant on the one hand, and cloud-based platforms for programmers like Quantopian and QuantConnect on the other.  Please see Fortune and ForexBrokerz for their respective takes on the launch of Rizm.


Quantopian Announces Live Trading

Quantopian today announced that it has implemented live trading for algorithmic trading models coded in its backtesting engine.  Right now, it is only available by invitation, but those who are interested can sign up for the beta program.  I also appreciate that Quantopian is up front about the fact that it expects some anomalies to show up, both because the technology is still being refined and because their data provider uses real-time, unfiltered data (i.e. no filtering of bad prints).  In any case, what are you waiting for?  Head over to Quantopian and start automating your trading.

Quantopian Adds External Data Sets

Algorithmic trading platform Quantopian announced today that it has implemented new functionality called Fetcher that allows users to import external data sets for analysis and trading.  Dan Dunn points out that Quandl provides a myriad of free data sets to use, but any comma-delimited data series can be used. Quantopian is really raising the bar on what can be automated online, and is starting to stand out from its competitors in the algorithmic and autotrading arena.  Hopefully they’ll be one of the first to crack the code and allow automated trading with Interactive Brokers from the cloud.

Kudos to Quantopian.  If you want to improve your knowledge of quantitative finance, it’s a great place to dive in and look at all of the examples that have already been built.  It’s time to see if I’m clever enough to learn some Python and implement my strategies there.

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Myfxbook Launches Mirror Trading Service

Popular trade analysis site Myfxbook has officially launched its mirror trading / autotrading service.  This is a good development for the trade mirroring / autotrading / social trading world, as it provides more competition, but more importantly, more transparency.  I’ve found Myfxbook’s statistics to be far more reliable (and sophisticated) than Zulutrade, and because Myfxbook says it only allows the best systems to be offered on its autotrading platform, it will hopefully improve profitability for Myfxbook mirroring subscribers.  In addition, Myfxbook states that the service is free, with no trading markups.  Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we’ll see how well the service is received over time.  The service can be found at

Myfxbook Autotrade

It appears that only those with MT4 accounts can provide signals.  Perhaps someday FXCM will have a universal account that has access to all of its platforms from one login.

INTJ Capital's Myfxbook signal provider eligibility
It appears INTJ Capital’s system will not be allowed on Myfxbook’s platform for mirror trading.