Quantopian Adds External Data Sets

Algorithmic trading platform Quantopian announced today that it has implemented new functionality called Fetcher that allows users to import external data sets for analysis and trading.  Dan Dunn points out that Quandl provides a myriad of free data sets to use, but any comma-delimited data series can be used. Quantopian is really raising the bar on what can be automated online, and is starting to stand out from its competitors in the algorithmic and autotrading arena.  Hopefully they’ll be one of the first to crack the code and allow automated trading with Interactive Brokers from the cloud.

Kudos to Quantopian.  If you want to improve your knowledge of quantitative finance, it’s a great place to dive in and look at all of the examples that have already been built.  It’s time to see if I’m clever enough to learn some Python and implement my strategies there.

(via Pando Daily)

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